What Really is Outplacement and When to Consider It?

What Really is Outplacement and When to Consider It?

Outplacement might be something that you have never considered or at least hope you don’t have to use. However, it should always be included in your HR strategy when your company falls on hard times. No one wants to let employees go, but unfortunately things happen which result in redundancies being necessary.

Outplacement is a service or provision that helps to smooth the transition of outbound employees on to their new career path.

Outplacement services

The most effective way to introduce outplacement to your business is to outsource this to a professional such as Outplacement Services NYC. This way you know your staff and receive top quality service and it can be used when you need it the most. You as a business can choose the package that you feel is most suitable for your outbound employees and ensure this is incorporated at the start of the transition period.

Some businesses will use in house outplacement. However, this is not always cost effective or indeed as overall effective as employing professional services to do the job. Offering these services as part of the benefits package will reassure employees that they will be looked after even if things go wrong.

What does outplacement involve?

The main service included in outplacement is career coaching. Getting people straight into looking for a new career and encouraging them to create goals for the future. Coaches will give them someone to talk to about their frustrations and concerns too.

It also involves the use of tools to help employability and job searching. This can be help with creating or updating a resume or help filling in application forms. It can also be training and assistance setting up accounts such as Linked In or other social media sites that will help them in finding a new job.

Using outplacement services helps to focus outbound employees on their next step rather than looking back. This is turn strengthens your reputation as a business and builds trust with you as an employer.

When to use outplacement

Outplacement should be considered as a benefit offered to all employees, but this may not be available to you or cost effective depending on your business. It is vital however that you consider outplacement as part of your HR strategy once you know redundancies are required.

On speaking with staff these services should be introduced and explained as soon as possible in order to give your employee a bigger picture about what the future may hold. You should also bring these services in before the leaving dates and offer them within the working day to maximise their use. Doing this will pay off in the future as you have more control on how the transition will go.

Outplacement meeting

How will outplacement benefit your brand

How employees are treated especially in difficult circumstances will make a big difference to how the world sees your brand. If you are seen to show compassion and care to your employees even those exiting the business, your brand reputation will stay intact. Without such services in place there can be problems with negative press and a decline in trust of your business.

Investing in the success of your employees’ future career gives you that edge and strength of an honest and trustworthy employer.

Are you considering outplacement?

Of course, it is not something you want to have to consider for your business. But if redundancy becomes a necessity outplacement can help you with damage limitation and save you from reputational harm as well as help your employees with their transition from your company.

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