6 Reasons Businesses Should Join a Local Chamber of Commerce

6 Reasons Businesses Should Join a Local Chamber of Commerce

As a business owner, you may feel that the last thing you want to do is take more time away from your business than absolutely necessary. That said, you could find that joining your local chamber of commerce is one of the best things you can do not only for your business but for your local community as well. Here are a few solid reasons to help you reach a decision.

1. Face-to-Face Visibility

While expanding your online presence and visibility is a great way to boost sales and your professional reputation, don’t forget about the old methods of accomplishing the same task. By joining your local chamber of commerce, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet face-to-face with the public. You never know who may become a business partner, customer or business connection. The relationships you forge and the people you meet may have slipped right past you had you not decided to join a chamber of commerce. Let people see the face behind the business they may want to support or work with one day.

2. Build Business Relationships

Rather than look at being a member of a chamber of commerce as strictly a networking opportunity, it’s best to see it as a chance to create and maintain professional relationships. Business professionals like Ehsan Bayat can tell you the importance of finding mentors, advocates of your brand and friends who can aid you in becoming a better businessperson and bring out the best in your organization. Serving on committees and speaking with people outside your normal business realm could come with more advantages than you realize.

3. Promote Your Company

Sponsorship packages and advertising options are common when you’re a member of a chamber of commerce. Sponsoring a local cause or group is a great way to endear goodwill among your local community. You could develop a reputation for supporting your local community, which is likely to encourage your local community to support you.

In regards to more direct promotion, a chamber of commerce could have newsletters, printed materials or social media profiles you can use as a way to market and advertise your products or services to the public. Remember, a chamber of commerce doesn’t want to advertise itself, it wants to advertise its members.

Training at Chamber of Commerce

4. Gain Training and Education

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there’s always something new to learn. If yours is a small business, or if you just don’t have the budget for more ongoing training or education for yourself or your employees, a chamber of commerce could help change that for the better. Specifically, a chamber of commerce could hook you up with a guest trainer or a speaker. Even if a speaker or guest trainer isn’t in the cards, the chamber could point you in the direction of helpful articles that could prove to be rather educational.

5. Participate in Legislative Conversations

You may not realize it, but chambers of commerce work with governments to better ensure businesses have a voice in legislative matters. If there’s a current legislative policy you have a question about or would like to see changed, joining a chamber of commerce could bring about change or clarity. No matter how large or small your business is, you deserve to have a voice in your local community. Joining the chamber of commerce better ensures your voice is heard and that the right people hear your voice.

6. Attend Programs and Events

Awards banquets, business training luncheons, city celebrations and golf tournaments are some of the events common to chambers of commerce, any of which could be beneficial to you and your company. Additionally, you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to think of a way to market your business without making it seem like a blatant promotion. Join the chamber of commerce.


Do yourself, your business and your community a favor and look into joining your local chamber of commerce. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits for you to enjoy.

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