Don’t Get Left Behind: 8 Reasons to Incorporate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Don’t Get Left Behind: 8 Reasons to Incorporate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

According to Statista, about 70% of the US population has a minimum of one profile in at least one social media account. About 59% of this log into their accounts at least once a day. Some businesses have realized that they can leverage on this to boost sales and grow their reputation hence they have turned to social media marketing.

However, some business owners are yet to realize the potential of social media marketing. Therefore, they are a little hesitant to engage in social media marketing. These businesses are missing out, and they should incorporate social media marketing as part of their marketing strategy due to the following reasons.

1. Social media can help you boost your SEO rankings

While content is the driver of SEO, search engine crawlers rank highly sites that combine both great contents and generate substantial traffic. Therefore, creating traffic for your websites can have positive effects on your SEO rankings. One way you may generate traffic for your websites is sharing your content on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

With the right messaging, users of such platforms will be driven to your site hence boost your traffic. This will help your site climb up the rankings faster. Moreover, you may also use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to re-share your content on the social media platforms even when you are not personally available to re-share.

Social boosts SEO rankings

2. Social media can help you comprehend your audience

For any business, a happy customer base translates to a successful business. However, to make customers happy, you need to know their needs so that you can be able to satisfy them. This is where social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram come in.

These platforms can offer great business insights into the needs, tastes, and preferences of customers as a number are likely to share personal information on these sites that can be valuable for any business. Once a business gathers this data and processes it to information, it can get insights which can be vital in making decisions such as which products to sell, how to package and areas they can improve to compete successfully among others.

3. Being frequently present on social media can help you build a connection with customers

In this day and age where fraudsters or unreliable businesses are increasing in number, maintaining an active presence in some social media platforms can help customers trust your company. This can be achieved by posting frequently and engaging them when they raise questions or comment or like your posts. One common mistake businesses make is that they see social media platforms as avenues to make sales pitch to customers.

However, this should be kept to a minimal and businesses should view social media as an opportunity to build a connection with customers. This can be achieved by minimizing sales language and focussing on being helpful and creating an engaging environment. This will help customers trust your business hence more likely to do business with you.

Connecting with customers

4. Social media can give you value for money with their ads

Marketing on social media offers marketers resourceful tools such as customized ads which can help you get value for money. Customized ads can be useful for targeting and retargeting. Let us take an example of Facebook ads. Facebook ads can be customized by targeting customers on factors such as age, gender, location and industry among others.

These can be useful in ensuring you get value for money as your ads will only show for people likely to be interested in your products or services. Moreover, tools such as Facebook pixel can help you understand the effects of your ads on customers. Paid ads on social media are likely to return better yields hence businesses should leverage on them to achieve their objectives.

5. Social media can help improve your customer service

As a business strategy, being better than your competition is likely to not only make you survive but also grow in a hyper-competitive business environment. One way to stand out from your competition is by having exceptional customer service. Apart from the products or services you offer, what other services can customers get by engaging with you?

Answering this question comprehensively can lead to more success for your business. One way to have quality customer service is by responding to questions, issues, approval or complaints raised by your customers on your social media accounts. Quick feedback on various issues can make your customers to be satisfied, and this significantly increases the likelihood of them wanting to do business with you again or being a referral source for your business.

6. Your competitors are using social media

About 91% of retail businesses are already using social media. Are you among the 9% that do not use social media? Social media marketing has the potential to transform the fortunes of any business. This site offers more insights on how you can edge your competitors using social media. The good news for your business though is that while most of your competitors are already on social media, quite a few of them are marketing themselves well enough.

Therefore, with the right social media strategy, there is a high likelihood that you may succeed where many are failing. The key is consistency, understand your audience, have great posts, do not be too salesy and paid ads. With this combination, the chances are that you will start succeeding in no time.

7. The return of investment on social ads is unmatched

On average, you may generally spend ten times less for every click on social media that on Google AdWords. Where in Google AdWords you may pay about $1.20 or more per click, you may only pay about $0.12 per click while marketing on social media platforms like Facebook.

8. Cost per acquisition is very low

The cost per acquisition for social media is unbeatable hence your business should leverage on this since it will not only reduce costs but also increase your leads. With nearly the entire world being on at least one social media platform, social media offers a promising market for businesses.


A number of companies realized early the possible benefits of being present on social media hence they turned to it early. However, if you are among the few businesses not on social media, it is not too late. Turn to social media today and, with the right strategy, you will experience these 8 benefits in no time.

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