Industries and Businesses that Will Benefit from Dust Suppression Services

Industries and Businesses that Will Benefit from Dust Suppression Services

Dust suppression has one main goal – to collect dust in the air and to make the surroundings safer for everyone. The use of dust control products, such as in the form of misting cannons, is almost mandatory in the industries and businesses that will be mentioned below, which will be critical in establishing a safer environment.

Construction Sites

A big fraction of the customers of dust suppression companies is in the construction and demolition business. Whether it is building a new structure or taking down one that is already existing, dust is sure to be a problem. It is a massive issue that has to be dealt with, especially when the site is around a residential area.

Dust suppression solutions such as BossTek’s DustBoss will also be necessary for road construction. It also improves driver visibility since the road will not have dust and prolongs its lifespan.

Industrial Plants

In certain industrial plants, dust can be a big issue and can put the health of the workers at risk. While they can use personal protective equipment to minimize exposure, this is not enough. A more proactive approach in the form of dust control equipment will be necessary. Mechanical ventilation and suction systems are often installed in these plants to collect dust.


The build-up of dust in quarrying sites can also cause a number of problems, not only to workers but also to equipment. The machineries can break down a lot and this could mean costly repairs. The dust that escapes the site, on the other hand, will be an issue for those who are around the area. More than the quarrying process itself, the collection and loading, among others, will also contribute to the dust problems in a quarry site.

Coal Yards

Businesses involved in coal mining should also be serious when it comes to its dust suppression approaches. Dust in coal mining sites can lead to explosions, among other problems that could compromise the well-being of the workers. Dust is also attributed as one of the main causes of coal worker’s pneumoconiosis, which is a chronic lung disease that results from the inhalation of coal dust.

Agriculture produce

Agricultural Lands

Dust can also be a big problem in agricultural sites, especially if there are horses and machines that are often moving around. Being in contact with the ground allows it to produce dust. Dust control in this industry requires the need for an eco-friendly approach so that the quality of the agricultural products will not be affected.

Sports Fields

Whether it is a golf course or a baseball field, among other locations, dust control will also be important in sports. Both players and spectators, for sure, wouldn’t want to have dust in the air when there is a game! Dust suppression measures often involve applying water on the soil to make it more compact, which will also be effective in the prevention of erosion.

Dust suppression should not be ignored, especially by the industries and businesses that belong to the categories that have been mentioned above. This service is critical for establishing a work environment that is safe and sound.

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