5 Ways Technology has Revolutionised Office Life

5 Ways Technology has Revolutionised Office Life

Technology and business are the perfect marriage and in recent times technology has evolved at an astonishing rate. This has transformed office life in many different ways and this only looks set to continue as impressive new technology will be developed to make many areas of work much easier.

Here are a few of the main ways that office life has been transformed.


Communication is key to success when it comes to business and it is now easier than ever for people to communicate without the need to be in the same room. Email, video calling, conference calls and even chatting digitally while editing collaborative documents has forever changed the way in which people communicate and made it much more efficient.

You no longer need to hold regular meetings as technology allows you to stay in the loop no matter where you are or what time it is.

Personal Space

Following on from this, technology has also helped people to feel like they have more personal space at work as they no longer have to constantly attend meetings or have face-to-face interactions. Whilst it is certainly important that meetings and face to face contact remain an important part of daily life in the office, reducing them can also help people to feel like they have more space and this is furthered when they are able to work remotely.

Work From Home

Many employers now enable their staff to work from home from time to time and this brings many benefits for both employer and employee. It is all possible thanks to technology which helps people to easily stay in touch with the office without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Enabling an employee to work from home can boost morale and even productivity in some cases, while for the employer it means that less energy is being used and your staff are happy and content.

HRM team working.


Technology has now been developed to streamline much of what your HR department does which gives them more time to focus on looking after employees and keeping everybody happy. As an example, many businesses now use pensions monitoring software provided by companies like Hymans which can take all of the stress and complexities out of this area of business for HR staff.


Following on from this, technology can also be used to manage payroll automatically. This is beneficial because it can free up more time for staff whilst also ensuring that payments are accurate, made on time and compliant with HMRC.

It is crucial that staff are paid on time and accurately and using payroll software is an excellent way to eliminate human error.


As you can clearly see, technology has revolutionised office life in many different ways. Whilst there will always be areas that technology cannot and should not replace, it can improve office life for everyone in a few different ways and help the company to find greater success when implemented with care.

It is easy to see this continuing in the near future as more advances are made and people look for effective new ways of working.

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