Why NOT Using Virtual Office Services is a BAD Idea: 10 Reasons

Why NOT Using Virtual Office Services is a BAD Idea: 10 Reasons

Virtual office services are used by companies around the world, and these companies have reaped the benefits of using such solutions for their needs. If you are still considering whether or not using a virtual office service is the right solution for your company, we hope to offer some information that will help you make that decision.

In this article, we’re going to cover ten reasons why NOT using virtual office services could actually hurt your company.

1. Customer Support can Suffer without Virtual Office Services

If you are a small business or freelancer, then you know how valuable your time is. You also know that time well spent is spent on conducting the activities that make you money. For that reason, providing customer support might not always be at the top of your list. While you likely get around to it, you probably don’t work on it first when there’s other work to be done.

When you aren’t using virtual office services, that’s just the way it is. Customer support is never fully squared away, and your customers definitely notice this.

2. You Could Suffer a Communication Slowdown

Aside from customer support, communication is probably slower if you aren’t using virtual office services. The reasoning is the same: you don’t have the time to spend on calling people back and replying to messages if you’ve got money-earning activities that could be done.

When you aren’t using a virtual office service, you are highly likely to see a breakdown in communication between you and your clients.

3. You Might Have Less Time to Spend on Earning Money

Still, you’re trying to get everything done. When you have to wear all of the hats, the ball is going to get dropped somewhere, and at times, you’ll find that income-earning activities are being put off to focus on more imminent issues such as accounting, taxes, and marketing. This is a direct result of not having a virtual office service in place.

4. Your Company Could Suffer Less Brand Recognition

Without a virtual office service in place, you’ll find that your brand recognition might not be as strong. This is because you don’t have a “face” for your company. A virtual office can help provide that unified face that leads to higher brand recognition.

5. You Could Have Fewer New Customers

When communication and customer support slow down, you’ll notice that you have fewer new customers. You could even be getting bad ratings. These are all problems that having a virtual office in place can help solve and overcome. Customers and sales are the lifeblood of any business, and when you lose those, you’ve lost it all.

If you find that you have less new customers, consider if not having a virtual office could be part of the cause.

Virtual employees

6. You’ll Spend More on On-Site Staff

Perhaps you already have on-site staff in place and are considering using virtual office services. If you’re using on-site staff, we can promise that you’re probably paying too much.

Virtual office services are cost-effective and efficient, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. Plus, many virtual office services include numerous solutions in one affordable package, which really does ensure that you get a great deal and all the support you need.

7. Lower Productivity Will be Apparent

The bottom line is this: if you aren’t using a virtual office service, your productivity will be affected. You can only do so much on your own, and if you’re trying to juggle too many things at once, then something is sure to get left behind. A virtual office service can provide the solution to low productivity.

8. Your Company Might Lack a Central Location

Most freelancers and small businesses start from home, and if you want to truly offer the most professional aesthetic, you know you’ve got to have a great address. A virtual office service can provide a great address in an exclusive location, and that means higher security for you. If you want to stay in compliance with local regulations, a central location is also a benefit that can be offered by a virtual office service.

For example, if your residency is in Sydney, partnering with a local virtual office service provider like VirtualOffice.Sydney can give you a “home” for your business, as well as the much-needed brand image and legal compliance for having an office location in a business district, instead of a residential area.

9. Less Authority Could Impact Your Company

Without a central location or receptionist to answer every time the phone rings, your company could suffer from the impact of not having a high level of authority. If you are finding that your company hasn’t been able to build authority or perhaps your authority is dwindling, a virtual office service can help you establish the credibility that you are looking for.

10. No Virtual Office Means No Conference Space

When you don’t have a virtual office or any office at all, then you lack a conference space. It’s possible to conduct one-on-one meetings in a home office or at a local coffee shop, but you can’t possibly conduct a professional conference without the appropriate space. If you aren’t giving your clients the most professional conference space possible, your company could suffer. A virtual office service offers the solution.
Meeting at a virtual office space in Hong Kong


When you choose to use virtual office services, you are making a healthy, wise choice that can lead to company growth. If you want to improve your brand recognition and retain more customers, a virtual office service can help you do that and much more. If you choose not to use a virtual office service, you would be faced with either using on-site staff, moving to a new office space, or simply not growing your company.

Any successful business understands the need for reducing overhead and maximizing results, and that’s why using a virtual office service is the best choice for companies of all sizes.

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