BannerBit Advertising Platform Review: A Decent AdSense Alternative?

BannerBit Advertising Platform Review: A Decent AdSense Alternative?

Banner ads platforms are growing in popularity worldwide, getting more and more people involved. Here’s the complete review of one of these ad flipping platforms –

What Is BannerBit?

BannerBit is a web-based marketplace which allows users globally to participate in the profitable online advertising world for accumulating capital. This online income platform has made the purchasing and selling of banners easier than ever before. Its user-friendly dashboard provides a display of multiple banners which gives professional marketers and those new to the online marketing world, even with no prior experience, a chance to choose and purchase their favorite ones.

The price of these banners varies and the user is given complete liberty to select the one which suits his budget. Once the banner is bought, it will be run on a wide network of publishers associated with This way, users will generate revenue from every click it receives.

BannerBit website

How does it Work? has its own custom-designed packages which gives users multiple options to choose from. The process will start after the initial deposit of at least $250 into your account.

The formula for growing and earning in the online advertising world starts with making a decent investment for bigger and better returns. It follows with choosing the account package of your choice. There are multiple packages varying in terms of benefits, superior being the diamond package.

After setting up the account, you will be given the access to browse through multiple banners available in the marketplace. A user needs to be quick and smart at grasping the trends so he can make the purchase when banners are less expensive. Doing so will give the user an edge to bid on them later on for more profits.

How to Profit from it?

Trying out new things might be scary but that is just not an enough excuse to give up on modern ways of money making. The platform allows you to purchase new banner ads from some of the biggest and most renowned companies such as Adidas, Revlon, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Nike and more, so you can enhance your portfolio. As long as your banner receives clicks on, you will keep generating revenue out of it.

This online venture also gives its users the freedom to sell their banners whenever they find a higher and better bid. A user can profit by selling an ad at a higher price then it was purchased. You can simply put it up for auction, set a countdown timer, sell it to the highest bidder at the end of the countdown and make maximum profits.

You need to connect your bank account with it so your earnings go straight to your account. Withdrawal of earned profits is completely hassle-free and the process takes 3 to 5 business days after the requisition. The support team of BannerBit is always a click away and comes straight to rescue when a user faces a problem at some point.

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