Team Building Strategies: 4 Suggestions on How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Team Building Strategies: 4 Suggestions on How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Successful businesses are built on two main things:a quality product or service, and good employees. But even the best employees can be lost if the management doesn’t have a plan in place to keep them satisfied with their work.That’s where team building strategies come into play.

Many large companies budget a portion of their expenses purposely for team building because they realize the importance of happy employees.They don’t see the money spent as an expense; they see it as an investment.

Team building, when done right, fosters a trusting relationship, encourages communication, and helps to diminish conflict amongst employees and leaders.Your employees are more positive and productive, and your bottom line is improved, even after the expense is removed.

Here are four simple but fun and affordable ways to use team building strategies to keep your employees happy.

1. Disconnect from the electronics and encourage healthy competition with a board game tournament

Organize teams and choose a game like Jenga or even cards and, depending on the size of your office, set aside an hour or two for a company-wide tournament or break it up by department.Add in the boost of incentives for first through third place, or even a booby prize for the lowest score.

2. Satisfaction in the workplace is closely linked to continued education, so incorporate professional development

It’s true, actually.Human nature does not like to stagnate, and, especially if you have a job that keeps you doing the same thing day in and day out, it’s nice to learn new things.

Professional development allows this to happen through on- and off-site trainings.These can be job related or have other content that helps your employees grow personally, like leadership skills.

Food service staff serving customers

3. Provide nutritious and enjoyable snacks and meals

Many employees who have to fend for themselves for snacks choose things that are cheap and quick, but not necessarily healthy.This is actually detrimental to your business because those unhealthy choices cause crashes in energy later in the day, and over time can cause serious chronic illnesses that result in missed work and increased insurance rates.

For team building and effective employees, multiple companies choose to go through an office snacks delivery program so they can offer their staff healthy choices to give them energy and make them feel appreciated at the same time.

4. Escape room games are challenging and good for team bonding

These types of games are growing in popularity across the world.In an escape room game, each team must use each other’s skills to figure out clues to get out of the room that they are locked inside.

This activity requires teams to demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork, logical thinking, and keeping calm under pressure.

Team Building Strategies: Investments that Pay for Themselves

The right team building activities or choices make employees feel appreciated and help to reduce overall stress in the office. This pays off exponentially when your employees extend that appreciation and positive atmosphere to your customers.

Effective team building pays for itself, increasing your employee’s satisfaction and long-term employment, and ultimately increasing your company’s success and profits.

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