Complete Guide to Finding Chairs for Your New Restaurant

Complete Guide to Finding Chairs for Your New Restaurant

Buying new chairs for a restaurant can be both fun and daunting. It is fun in the sense that it is like shopping for furniture for your home. You have a lot to choose from. You also decide based on the overall theme that you have in mind and your personal preference. However, it can also be stressful the moment you start considering all other factors. You will be confused given the pros and cons of each choice.

Here are some tips to make it easier for you to make up your mind.

Scale for tables and chairs

The measurement from the top to the bottom of the table should be from 28 to 31 inches. This is a standard height that makes it easier for diners to eat. Dining chairs, on the other hand, must be 17 to 20 inches high from the top of the seat all the way to the floor. If the seats are too high or the tables are too low, it would be an uncomfortable experience for your customers. You can check quality restaurant furniture and buy now or you can test out the options first so that you will know how it feels using them.

It helps to have a measuring tape while shopping in local stores. For online options, be careful about the given measurements.

Width and depth

The chairs must also easily fit under the table. Otherwise, diners will have a hard time sitting and it could also damage the furniture. When placed under the table, the chairs should slide under easily without bumping into the legs of the table or the base. If the chairs are placed face to face, there should also be enough space in between them to avoid them bumping into each other.

Restaurant armchairs

Chair arms

There are dining chairs with arms. If you decide to use them, just make sure that the top portion of the arms won’t bump the bottom of the tabletop. This could potentially damage the chair arms and diners might have a hard time sitting close enough to the table and feel uncomfortable while eating.

Overall style

Of course, you have to take style into consideration. The rule of thumb is to choose chairs based on the theme of the restaurant. Are you going for sophistication? Do you want a more rustic feel? Do you want the restaurant to feel like diners are eating at home? These are just some of the important questions you have to ask before making a decision.

Find chairs that you think are suitable for your brand. It is easier to look for restaurant furniture if you have a theme. The furniture should be in line with this theme.

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