10 Simple Ways to Market Your Small Business

10 Simple Ways to Market Your Small Business

There are a thousand and one ways to market your small business in this day and age. The list of options is endless, which is what makes marketing so confusing to many of us.

Sales might be the way money is made in business, but marketing is where profits really start.

Here are 10 simple strategies to get you going this Monday (or whatever day it is when you read this):

1. Better identify where prospects like to hang to better market your small business.

If it’s at the local country club, you’d better find a way to penetrate that space.

Buy memberships, create relationships with people who can “get you in”. Don’t waste money on classified ads if you’re ideal client isn’t reading them!

2. Express yourself better to prospects.

You need to build relationships with prospects to get the close. However, are you one of those people that friends and family describe as someone who “talks to much?”

Or maybe you’re just bad at conversation altogether. Either way, you need to learn how to be more succinct and stick to telling prospects how you can benefit their business.

Express yourself better to market your small business
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3. Ask for referrals.

Asking is easy. Spending dollar after dollar on advertising isn’t. Nor is waiting for clients to appear out of thin air.

4. Get involved on the local level.

Even if you’re purely an online entity, find ways to get the buzz going offline to market your small business.

Google and Twitter aren’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to spreading the word.

Charities, sport’s teams, free advice/services. Do what you can and the branding benefits will follow.

5. DO social media!

I was talking to a business owner the other day who does an average of $5-million in sales every year.

He thinks Facebook is stupid and doesn’t get why people hang out on Instagram uploading selfies and looking at pictures.

How much business is he leaving on the table with this outlook?

6. Seek advice and listen to it.

My mom used to say “What makes you think you know everything” whenever I was acting like a know-it-all.

If you’re narcissistic enough to think you’ve got it all figured out, ask yourself why you’re reading an article about marketing tips right now.

7. Get yourself on a podcast related to your business.

There are millions of podcasts airing all over the world right now.

People listen to them in their cars, while working out, at work, and relaxing at home.

If you want to market your small business, there are likely numerous podcasts related to what you do that you can guest on and share your expertise (and build your brand with).

market your small business on podcasts
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8. Hit up networking venues and sites.

Networking is essential to small business success. If you’re not doing it, you’re leaving cold hard cash on the table.

Try LinkedIn and other social sites related to your industry. Go to trade shows and other events. Heck, go bar-hopping once in a while if that’s the only place you feel like networking.

9. Collab with other business owners.

In other words, build partnerships that you and other business owners will mutually benefit from (Hint: the bar-hopping suggestion might be a great way to find collab opportunities!)

You refer them, they refer you. Combine your skills and do a joint venture.

Stop living in shadows!

10. Identify business rewards opportunities.

Business rewards are a great opportunity to get exposure for your business.

They’re also a great branding tool to show off in brochures, business cards, websites, and media features/spotlights on your business.

Be they local, national, or very niche-focused, business awards are a gift that keeps giving for years to come.

Now, go out and use just ONE of these strategies right away!

Chances are there’s at least one strategy above that you’ve never tried that can help you market your small business and build your brand.

Pick one, give it your all, then come back and let everyone know how it worked out for you!

Main Image Credit: Philip McMaster/Flickr

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