B2B Lead Agencies Drive New Customer Acquisition

B2B Lead Agencies Drive New Customer Acquisition

Even top performing companies struggle with B2B lead generation. Every year, the majority of companies fail to meet their lead generation targets and that hurts sales. With fewer opportunities, sales teams are chasing colder leads and struggling to drum up new ones. Many companies are turning to a market research agency like Circle Research.

New customer acquisition depends on a full sales funnel and a sales team that knows how to convert.

The current state of B2B marketing

To shed some light on the struggle many companies have meeting lead targets, lead generation company 360 Leads put together its Black Report, an extensive review of the challenges (and successes) companies face in B2B marketing today. When asked what the biggest obstacles standing between them and achieving their lead targets, here’s what they had to say:

57% said that they had insufficient budgets to reach their lead generation targets.

48% said that internal company problems were standing in the way of higher performance.

41% said that the company chose the wrong marketing channels or didn’t use enough of them.

37% said that there were quality issues with the data list.

32% said that the company’s lead qualification was poor.

Insufficient budgets may be the top reason companies aren’t meeting their targets, but there’s strong evidence that simply throwing money at the problem won’t fix it. Many companies face structural and performance issues that need to be corrected before they can excel at new customer acquisition. That’s where a lead generation company can help grow your business and attract new customers through outbound marketing.

B2B lead agency

How a B2B lead agency can help you grow?

So, how exactly a lead generation agency can solve your business growth problem?

1. They cut through departmental issues

A lead generation company cuts straight through internal company issues, such as differences between marketing and sales (and the differences between these two departments cannot be understated). They’ve never seen eye-to-eye, especially not since the rise of digital marketing. (Marketers love digital marketing, ranking it 65% higher than sales as their favorite channel; sales prefer telemarketing.)

2. They help you focus on what’s important

Outsourcing to a lead generation company like 360 Leads is an investment in your sales department. When you have experts running a multi-channel lead campaign, your sales reps can focus on taking qualified leads and turning them into customers. After all, your lead generation quota doesn’t mean a thing unless you’re turning them into new customers.

3. They qualify leads using proven practices

They bring tried and tested best practices for lead qualification that they can tailor to your business. It’s a data-driven process that analyzes the behavior of the customers you convert that takes into account how many contacts were made, how many times they visited your website, what resources they downloaded or what queries they made, how big the company is, and what their budget is.

4. They help you save on your budget

Data analysis opens up a more efficient way to spend limited budget resources on telemarketing, direct mail, and digital marketing. Sales lead generation companies aren’t afraid to analyze their work and reorganize campaigns to focus on channels that produce better results. It’s their job to make sure you meet your sales lead targets and keep that funnel full. Any channel that isn’t delivering a return can be cut to focus on those channels that do perform.

If you want to start making your lead generation targets, bring your business to an outside company.

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