Infographic: What Skills Make a Good (Superhero) Workforce?

Infographic: What Skills Make a Good (Superhero) Workforce?

There can be a lot of pressure behind finding employees that are the perfect fit to your business and can bring new ideas and skills to the table. Reading a CV and conducting an interview is all well and good, but the real test begins once your new employee is hired and getting down to business. There are no set rules for when it comes to finding the perfect employee, but certain job roles do require certain skills that you can look out for.

This fun infographic has been created by PeopleVox and explores the idea of a superhero workforce, putting the world-famous superheroes into every-day roles. From the position of director to the position of customer service, the skills that each superhero carry have been considered and applied to realistic jobs.

Although we aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with super powers, we all have our own skills and years of experience that help us to excel.

Superhero workforce infographic by People Vox


This infographic will help you to discover what you need to look out for when selecting ideal candidates. For example, if you are looking for the perfect customer service applicant, then they will need to have a friendly voice and be able to politely deal with any customer queries.

In terms of marketing, you will be wanting to find someone with a creative mind who can pride themselves on finding money-efficient ways yet will produce high conversions.

Acquiring a skilled workforce is a very important aspect to focus on and will make or break your business operations. When your employees know what they are doing, you will find your business running better than ever before and also find yourself far less stressed over pointless employee matters!

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