6 Bad Work Habits With Heavy Costs

6 Bad Work Habits With Heavy Costs

Bad work habits are basically anything that distracts you, hurts professional relationships, or otherwise diminishes productivity. The following 6 bad work habits will also inevitably spill over into your personal life and ambitions:

1. Failing to plan out your days.

Good things rarely come from stumbling into work without a clue what you’re going to do that day. Positive results require planning in advance, otherwise you’re working off a lottery mentality that good things will just come to you. Plan your next day before leaving the office. At the very least, block out time in your morning routine where you analyse your day’s obligations and write out a short list of goals that need to be achieved by end of day.

2. Exercising poor focus when completing tasks.

We all know we do it, yet it’s so hard to laser focus on a task with so many digital distractions around. Phones (texts, notifications, “Pokemon”), computer (email, Internet, those irresistible Looper ads), and the people we work with can all get in the way of solid productivity and goal achievement if WE let them. Remember, it’s up to you to recognise the importance of what you’re doing and to remain on a task until it’s completion. Don’t even think about running down an email or smartphone notification rabbit hole while you’re working.

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3. Poor personal hygiene habits.

This one can hurt your entire career, alienating you from your coworkers, management, prospective clients, etc. There’s no excuse for coming into work when you haven’t bathed in days, or for not figuring out a way to get cleaned up  at the office or somewhere along the way to work if you’re riding your bike/running/walking long distances on your way to the job. Same goes for bad breath, bad haircuts (ie., forget about using Trump’s stylist), and bad manicures and pedicures (if you wear sandals). Quite simply, you’re an adult working in a professional environment — and it’s such an uncomfortable topic to bring up!

4. Being crass in your interactions with others.

Some people just don’t have limits when it comes to sharing their opinions, giving instructions, and any other human interactions that take place at work. From inappropriate jokes to being downright belligerent, there’s no place in any workplace for folks who don’t have at least a somewhat refined social barometer. Keep the jokes clean; don’t talk religion, race or politics; and quell that urge to tell Suzy how dreadful she looks in that red and white polka dot dress you hate so much!

5. Poor punctuality.

Hey, do I really need to tell you how being late for work or scheduled meetings all the time is the perfect way to commit professional suicide? Just don’t do it. Being late is something that can happen on occasion to everyone. When it’s a constant, it just tells everyone how little you care about their time — and how little you care about your career in general. An entirely avoidable problem where no excuse is a good one, with the exception of an occasional transportation problem or unforeseen emergency in your personal life.

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6. Thinking you’ll get more done working from home.

For some, this is a totally doable scenario — working from home so they can get more done with less distractions. For others, it’s a productivity disaster. Sitting in your home, with all your smart devices including a smart TV with easy Netflix access, and all the around-the-house stuff that needs to get done, is just no buenos from a productivity and goal setting standpoint. You might get lots more done — around the house — but do you really have the resolve to get all your professional duties completed? Only you really know — make sure you’re being honest with yourself.

There are plenty more bad habits that have the potential disrupt or even destroy your career and ultimately your life goals. If you can think of any you’d like to share, leave a comment down below.

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