Top 5 Reasons to Use a Professional Courier

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Professional Courier

Your employees could have worked months on a contract proposal, only to find that you missed the deadline because of a delay with one of your drivers. Or perhaps an industry colleague has had problems with confidential mail being read, and you’re thinking about how you can protect yourself. Whatever your reasons for looking into a professional courier, there are a whole host of benefits to using these services – here are the top five.

1. It keeps your documents private

First and foremost, using a trusted, reliable company to deliver your confidential agreements, fragile parcels and so forth, will alleviate all the stress that comes with using standard Royal Mail services. You’ll know anything you send is being delivered right to the hand of the person addressed, so no important information will be leaked.

2. First impressions count

Your client will expect the very best service in every area of your offering. One of the most complained about issues on social media is delivery, be it items that still haven’t arrived after weeks on end or the state of the goods when they finally do arrive. Using a professional courier means you remain in control of all of that, so the good impression you leave with the customer leads to a trust and loyalty, and they’ll be back to use your services again.

3. Never lose anything again

There are added features to using a professional courier service too. For one, you’re able to track everything far more efficiently than standard mail, as you can have regular updates sent from your driver, enabling you to pass the information on to your customer, who will receive delivery texts with exact time slots about when they can expect their parcel. In addition to this, your customer will also be able to keep track of everything too, and even arrange for a different delivery date if they find themselves unavailable.

Speedy courier

4. Forget snail-mail

Another obvious benefit is that professional services are far quicker. When you use standard post, you’re simply one parcel in post-bag of thousands, and while you can hope for the best with a first-class stamp, it’s up to fate as to when it arrives. However, when you use a separate company, everything will be timed with military precision, and your packages will be delivered on the day you or the customer has selected.

5. Building a rapport

Finally, just like with any other supplier, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them over time, opening up your account to an array of discounts and offers. You’re more likely to be able to negotiate better rates or have them take care of an emergency deal if you provide regular work, so having those conversations early on and trying to build more engagement with your account manager can be a huge boost.

Have you started using a delivery professional recently? What’s your experience been? Let our readers know by leaving a comment…

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