What Do Millennials Really Want From Your Business? (Infographic)

What Do Millennials Really Want From Your Business? (Infographic)

What do millennials want? No matter what industry you are in, it is critical to ask yourself this question. Why? With millennials making up 50% of the global work force and controlling over 19 trillion dollars, you will benefit from some insight to what they want.

Whether you are in retail, banking, insurance, etc. Millennials are a driving force contributing to the success of your business and need to be taken care of just like all of your customers. So what do they want? Personalized customer service.

Although, we all expect some customer service, this comes a little bit as a surprise. Even though they have the technology so easily available to find what they need with a click of a button they still have high expectations from retailers when they walk through the doors.

The survey shows they expect:

  • Millennials – 87 percent of them – expect shop associates to be readily available to assist them with their shopping
  • 63 percent of millennial shoppers are lost in the aisles, wandering around – until they find an associate.
  • 71- percent of millennials prefer to schedule an in-store appointment so that they can shop at a time that’s most convenient for them.

This may take companies by surprise but the proof shows that this generation still values good old fashion customer service. So no matter what service you are providing to millennials, it may be worth your time to reevaluate your own practices; when you get ready to open your doors to the millennials you will be a little more prepared to give them what they expect.

In the graphic below TimeTrade has provide useful information to help better understand what this generation is expecting in five different industries, retail, banks and credit unions, financial services, insurance and health care.

Millennials want personalized customer service - infographic
Via TimeTrade blog

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