Expert Productivity, Motivation & Mindset Tips, FTW! (Infographic)

Expert Productivity, Motivation & Mindset Tips, FTW! (Infographic)

Every day, you are expected to work for a certain number of hours, and in the hours, be as productive as you can be. Productivity can sometimes be one of the hardest things to keep a hold of. This can be because of a number of things, from no passion in the area of work, to the time of the year or time of the day.

How to stay productive

When trying to stay productive, you need a few things on your side; one of them is motivation then there is mindset to keep in mind too.


Science says that for most people, the most productive time of the day is around 8-10 am while the most unproductive time of the day is generally 5-6 pm. This is the reason it’s best to prioritise your tasks, which ones are more important to get done ASAP and which ones aren’t that important.

Another way to organise, is to think about which ones need a little harder thinking and which ones only need a little bit of will power, such as replying to emails. As well as productivity changing with time of the day, it can also change with the time of the year. As in summer months, productivity drops by 20%.

The last week before leaving for a holiday is generally rather productive, this is because the week is full of finishing things off, cleaning things up, ticking things off and clarifying things around the office and work. This is something that should be done more often, even weekly. Usually on a Friday, this leaves you coming back to your desk on the Monday and not knowing where you got to on that agreement or if you closed up and sent off that article you’ve written.


On the mindset aspect of things, if workers are happy, they are generally 12% more productive, this can be happiness in everyday life and happiness in the workplace. Also, in a large amount of cases, money is not the motivator and satisfaction grows in companies that help, support and invest time into their employee’s. whether this is training, meetings or an ‘open door’ policy. On the other side of this, workers should try and get themselves passionate about their work, if they aren’t already, this is because there is a study that shows the large number of people that are not passionate or happy with and within their jobs.

Learn more

These numbers and facts in this infographic published by WD Storage can help to give you an idea on how much actually affects productivity and what the stats are when it comes to the time when productivity is affected, which is more than the average person would think. It also gives you a few tips on trying to keep that productivity and motivation when in the workplace and maybe not doing something that you’re passionate about doing.

Expert productivity and motivation tips - infographic by WD Storage

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