Want to Be a Happy Entrepreneur? Stop Doing What you Hate. Seriously

Want to Be a Happy Entrepreneur? Stop Doing What you Hate. Seriously

“Are you happy?”

This is the question I ask myself regularly during my quiet time.  I don’t know what’s your view on the so-called happiness, but in my case, it’s something worth pursuing.

Let me open up a bit here.

At times, I feel that I’m not happy.  I often feel that I don’t belong in entrepreneurship.  I can’t hustle like Gary Vaynerchuk. I can’t innovate like Elon Musk.  I can’t start 100’s of businesses like Sir Richard Branson.  I can’t be multi-faceted like Tim Ferriss.  I just can’t.

Some of you would suggest those motivational power words over and over again. “Sure, you can!” “Saying can’t means you don’t try hard enough.” “You gotta use positive words.” Etc.

I get it.  Trust me, I’ve watched so many motivational videos, and I end up getting fired up for about half a minute or so, and then I’ll just go back to my unhappy self.

But I found something that’ll work. Over and over again.

How to be a happy entrepreneur

As I raise my self-awareness level throughout the years, I learn one simple thing that rules my life: If I don’t like what I’m doing, I’m not happy.  I just don’t. Plain and simple.

Sure, I’ll hustle. Sure, I’ll keep on starting up websites (I’m in online business.)  Sure, I’ll keep on grinding.  But when happiness escapes me, my businesses and entrepreneurial journey feel like a job.  And it sucks. Big time.

Want to know how I roll with my online business? Do keyword research. Find domain name.  Create content.  Create alogo and other brand identity. Find monetization methods. Launch the site. Promote like hell. Follow through by updating the site regularly.

Sounds exciting? To you, maybe. But wait until you’ve built more than a hundred of sites ground up for years and witnessing 90 percent of them fall into oblivion.

Sure, the income is nice and all, but as cliche as I might sound to you, but money doesn’t buy happiness.

So, what ‘buy’ happiness?

Like what you do.  If you feel that you’re not happy with the way you roll, make a change. You might no longer follow your passion. You might have lost your focus.  You might have deviated from your original goals.

Unhappy entrepreneurs – you should get back on track. You only have one life to live.  Make it worth living.

You only have one life to live. Make it worth living - Biz Epic quote

Be grateful for what you have and be thankful for the challenges that you face. Assess your business plan and entrepreneurial journey, and decide today: Should I carry on or should I change direction for the pursuit of happiness?

Either way, always focus on NOT doing what you hate. Why? Because if you were doing what you hate, yo oupregret sooner or later; regret is the least thing you want in life.

So, do what you love and never regret.

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