Top 10 Free Home Business Security Apps (Infographic)

Top 10 Free Home Business Security Apps (Infographic)

Working from home and/or running a home business? If so, there’s one of many habits that you always do, no matter what: Making sure that the doors are locked.

That’s right, every time we leave our home office, whether it’s for an hour to go for a walk or for a two-week holiday, we ensure that every door is locked and every window shut so that burglars don’t have easy access to our property. We saved for so long and invested so much to be able to purchase a place to call our own that we naturally want to protect it as best as we can, but when our home offices are unoccupied for a sizeable portion of the day, or longer, we can’t always be there to take preventative action against burglars.

That’s where CCTV comes in, with cameras positioned carefully around our property so that any burglars will either be deterred from breaking into the home, or will be caught in the act. Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it is now easier than ever for us to keep an eye on our homes. There are numerous home security apps on iTunes and the Google Play store, and some of the best on offer have been identified by JMC Technologies, creators of the infographic below. Even better, all of the apps featured in the infographic are absolutely free.

Check this out:

10 free home security apps - infographic

Would you like to be able to see what’s going on in your home office at this exact moment simply by tapping on your mobile device? Do you want to be able to take CCTV footage and save it to your device? Would you like to be notified instantly when any unusual activity is detected at your home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could lock and unlock doors and windows remotely? All of these are possible across the 10 apps mentioned above.

Of course, if you’re 10,000 miles from home and you see a burglar eyeing up an illegal entry to your residence, it can be difficult to stop them there and then, but at least you’ll be able to notify the police, or sound an alarm that might prompt a would-be burglar to flee instantly. In return, you get some invaluable peace of mind as you continue on your holiday in the knowledge that your home office is just as you left it.

If you own a smartphone or tablet and you haven’t already installed the apps mentioned in the infographic, get straight to your phone’s relevant app store and start downloading – and they’re all free, so you won’t even need to top up your store credit.


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