10 Must-Read Startup Blogs to Feed the Entrepreneur in You

10 Must-Read Startup Blogs to Feed the Entrepreneur in You

For an entrepreneur, reliable information is the biggest strength. Over the course of running a startup, everyone is guaranteed to go through thousands of websites, books, blogs and podcasts to get answers to umpteen questions. But the fact remains that most of the readily available sources just offer reworked information without any practical advice.

Certain big names like INC and Entrepreneur are common among budding and experienced business owners for giving vital information while few try to hog attention by tagging each of their posts as a billion-dollar idea. This post however sheds light on certain blogs that are ‘different’. Following are ten blogs that develop highly useful content for startups, particularly the tech based.

1. Foundora.com

New leaders and visionaries are often born after garnering inspiration from established ones. For any entrepreneur, it is crucial to remain motivated, educated and empowered. Foundora is one such blog, which offers its readers interviews, views and opinions of startup founders and helps you develop significant viewpoint on the latest trends. This immaculately conceived website covers success stories of VCs, Founders, and CEOs of several startups.

2. Forentrepreneurs.com

For Entrepreneurs blog screenshot

The biggest predicament faced by most of the startups these days is not the launch, but sustainable growth. This is why most of the startups shut down their doors within first two years of its establishment. Forentrepreneurs.com is one such blog dedicated to addressing startup issues. It helps founders get valuable advises on generating funds and building a successful company. With more than two decades of experience, David Skok, the person behind the blog offers his expertise on all the vicissitudes an entrepreneur has to face.

3. Onstartups.com

The founder of Hubspot is behind the launch of this blog; offering entrepreneurs vital information to start and succeed in a business. This blog heavily centers on startups catering to the software industry, so if you are one of those entrepreneurs whose startup revolves around software development, OnStartup.com is a necessary read for you. There is also an active community on its forum, which discusses all the key issues clouding the software industry.

4. Hacker news (news.ycombinator.com)

Every startup is well versed with Ycombinator. It is an American startup fund, which helps early stage startups in generating funds. It has also been touted as the world’s most powerful startup incubator. Hacker news is Ycombinator’s social news website that focuses on startups and entrepreneurship. It is a must read for VCs as well as entrepreneurs, providing featured stories on early stage startups.

5. FATbit’s Blog

Fatbit blog screenshot

FATbit is a name to reckon with in the field of web development. They have helped several startups over the years with their turnkey products. However, this help is not limited to their products and services. Their blog is also a rich source of information providing several key pieces of advice, ideas and trending business models that are helpful for startups as well as entrepreneurs.

6. Smallbiztrends.com

Often entrepreneurs are on the lookout for new trends and ideas that would help them launch their next startup. Smallbiztrends.com is a blog catering specifically to these individuals. It is a central hub of news, tips and advice driving small businesses. The topics of the blog span across several areas like social marketing, management, technology and finance for startups. It also offers daily tips along with information of business events to entrepreneurs or small business owners.

7. Allbusiness.com

When we talk about startups, one must understand that the term was originally meant for small businesses that are in their nascent stage. Nowadays people often confuse big names like Uber as startups. AllBusiness.com aims to diminish that ambiguity among users and caters to small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. It has a plethora of information related to business practices and resources. The blog also conducts researches on the health of the small business sectors providing essential data and insights to startups.

8. Thinkentrepreneurship.com

Think Entrepreneurship blog screenshot

Started by Pete Sveen in 2008, Think entrepreneurship has become one of the essential website offering tips, advice, and inspiration. The plus point of think entrepreneurship is that it provides tips by experts in a particular industry along with their failure and success stories. For a novice entering the startup arena, this might be one of the most important sources of information. An entrepreneur is always learning and gaining knowledge of doing things differently and this blog provides information that no business should miss.

9. Blogtrepreneur.com

Many a times, entrepreneurs fail to bring their ideas to reality. The main reasons include finance, resources and lack of information. Matthew & Adam Toren, the brains behind Blogtrepreneur, wanted to outdo this hurdle. Most of the articles of the blog revolve around information (the tips, news, and advice) that helps entrepreneurs turn their dream into a reality. Other essential topics include business development and how-to posts. The website also offers tons of free resources, tools, and ebooks that act as a great knowledge bank for entrepreneurs.

10. Seth Godin’s blog (sethgodin.typepad.com)

Seth Godin's blog screenshot

Seth Godin is a well-known name and a 12-time bestselling author. He is a successful entrepreneur having great expertise on growing a small business into a big enterprise. His blog has been a go-to place for entrepreneurs providing information on the marketing of ideas in the digital age. His blog is an epitome of startup wisdom and strategies critical to run a successful organization.

There is a great possibility that you might have already come across some (if not all) of these blogs. But I still hope this post succeeds to add some of new and useful bookmarks to your browser. Let me know in the comment section, if you think there are more such blogs out there that need to be included in this list and be known to budding entrepreneurs.

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