Snapchat has Matured into THE Social Platform for 16-24 y.o. How Would you Biz Peeps Respond to the Trends?

Snapchat has Matured into THE Social Platform for 16-24 y.o. How Would you Biz Peeps Respond to the Trends?

Okay, I admit that I fall into the category of “old demo” for social media. I should hang out on Facebook (well, here we are) and should plunge myself into Instagram sooner (hey, it’s better late than never). I’m also at Pinterest, the rather-broken Twitter, and some other places.  You can say that I spread my social media presence thin, but I love trying things out 🙂

But one thing for sure: I didn’t even think that I would get my hands and feet dirty building an audience on Snapchat.

But I think things should (or must!) change, as my man Gary Vaynerchuk – the social media grand master – has convinced me that Snapchat is THE way to go if you are targeting the young peeps as the potential consumers and clients of your products and services.

Snapchat history in the making

Here’s a brief history of Snapchat according to Gary Vee:

The history of Snapchat - infographic

Why Snapchat is for business

But why Snapchat will become more and more important for businesses and marketers?  The answer, as Gary Vaynerchuk said it, is the attention graph.  When you’re on Snapchat, you focus on doing what you’re doing.  You’ve got to choose whether you want to see a snap or not, and if you decide to do so, you’ll need to direct your attention to it.

And that’s, my friend, exactly what we want: People really consume our content.

Of course, you can do that also with Instagram. And Twitter.  And Facebook. But one thing that Snapchat win ( and Zuck offered $3 billion to acquire it, but failed) is the features that mimic how teenagers roll.

Teens – I’m sure you can relate to this – want to have this two important things: First, they don’t want to hang out in the places where their parents hang out. Second, they just want their privacy, putting “do not disturb” sign on the door (and lock the door.)

Snapchat, in the digital-social world, offers teens just that: Snaps (social updates in Snapchat) will disappear once consumed – privacy at its best.  Not only that, Snapchat’s demographic is dominated by 16-24 year-old (52 percent of 100 million active users – source).

If you, as the business owner, entrepreneur and marketer, can offer such exclusivity (like what Madonna did back in early 2015) you’ll crush the competition in your niche.

Recommended Snapchat mini-guide

Now, of course, Snapchat is just a social platform: You need to understand how to use it effectively and efficiently for your brand, products and services.

If you are a complete noob when it comes to Snapchat (just like me!), I recommend you to visit Gary Vaynerchuk’s mini-guide on Snapchat.  The information is pretty much covering all the things you want to know about Snapchat, answering the what, why, when, where, how questions about snapping for your business. Check it out.

Cover photo credit: Adam Przezdziek / Flickr

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