My Business Growth Sucks. Should I Continue Working on it?

My Business Growth Sucks. Should I Continue Working on it?

Starting up is fun, daunting, interesting, heart-pumping and challenging.  But once the honeymoon period is over, you’re left with options and choices.  If your startup grows well, where will you take it now? But the worse thing lies in the other side: If your startup isn’t growing well – what should you do?

You seem to be in a limbo: Giving up is not an option.  But you need a way to justify your effort (profit vs. time spent).  How do you approach this?

My man Gary Vaynerchuk has the answer for you:

Gary V: “I just believe in my holistic purpose”

You need to find your what and why.  Because if you don’t have those, then your project, business, or startup is deemed to be fail – hence the poor growth.

What: You need to be aware what are you going to do – fix your operational problems, target better market, etc. – you need to identify the cause of your poor business growth.

Why: You need to know why you should keep working on your startup.  You need to believe that – despite the poor growth – you are running something that add value to your local business community – and the whole business community, as a collective.

When you have identified your what and why, you will have the reason to hustle for your business.

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