Keeping Your Employees Happy: The Real Benefit (Infographic)

Keeping Your Employees Happy: The Real Benefit (Infographic)

When it comes to business success, there’s nothing more important than having happy employees. If an employee was to become upset, this can lead to financial ruin. In fact, according to Ohio University Online, more than 33 percent of business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft. This means that if you’re not keeping your employees satisfied, you’re at a high risk for going bankrupt.

The benefits of happy employees - Ohio University infographic

Without happy employees, you can take it to the bank that your customer won’t be happy. After all, if an employee isn’t satisfied with the way he or she is being treated, it’s very likely that this sour opinion will be passed on to your customers.

Studies have shown that companies with happy employees are those that rank among the fastest growing, as well. So the question you should be asking yourself is how can I keep my employees happy?

For starters, you can offer child care to your workers. If you don’t have any children of your own, you might not understand the value in offering this service. Children need attention around the clock. From transportation to and from school to getting them bathed and ready for bed, they should always be supervised by a trusted individual. When you offer child care to your employees, they can take comfort in knowing that their children are being properly supervised, which enables them to give forth their highest levels of productivity.

It’s also of the utmost importance that you provide a workplace that facilitates a friendly atmosphere. Workers don’t have to become best friends with one another, but it has been found that employees are much more happy when they work with people they consider their friends.

In order to keep your business afloat, it’s paramount that you attend to the needs of your employees. This includes providing health coverage, offering sick days, and providing the possibility of a leave of absence during emergency situations and life events. By meeting the needs of your workers, your work site will be viewed as more professional as well as more economical. This will lead to an increase in your brand awareness and the ability to reach more customers.

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