Creating the Most Effective Point of Sale Displays

Creating the Most Effective Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays are a vital marketing oppourtunity to connect with your customers and potentially increase the value of their purchase – and hence your profits! They’re displays that are located around or on your checkout desk, often featuring promotions to entice customers to make a final purchase before they complete their transaction.

It’s crucial that you get point of sale displays right in order to heighten sales and encourage customer loyalty, so here’s a guide to help you create effective point of sale displays and make the most of this valuable space.

Choose Carefully

In order to successfully translate them into increased profit, you need to make sure you’re choosing high quality POS displays that really speak to your customers. According to POSQuote, in order to persuade potential buyers to make that extra purchase at the checkout, the displays you choose need to connect with them and their needs, in order to convince them the products on offer are reliable and right for them. Print and Display have over ten years’ experience in designing and creating print items of the highest standard, and can help you to find or create the right POS display for your business.

Location, Location, Location

It probably goes without saying, but customers also need to be able to easily access the items for sale on point of sale displays. There’s no point having POS displays or cardboard displays, no matter how beautiful, unless your customers can actually purchase the items. You need to place them to the side of the checkout so they’re not in the way of the transaction or your staff, but also so your customers won’t have to lean over each other to reach them.

It’s best to pick a convenient location before you actually set up your displays as they can sometimes be difficult to move once set up. It’s vital that this space does not become too cluttered as this could create an uncomfortable environment for the customers and discourage them from making a purchase – no matter how tempting the product.

There are lots of different options to suit any space, such as a pedestal stand to add height without compromising the customer’s personal space. For something a little more high tech, and if your budget allows, you could even use touch screen devices as they can communicate a huge amount of product information while taking up very little space.


Customers will notice if they see the same display many times, so changing your POS displays regularly is an absolute must. Changing point of sale displays frequently keeps the customer’s shopping experience fresh and exciting – by presenting them regularly with new, fresh products you give them the impression of a vibrant and evolving business and encourage them to return.

Short-run displays are more noticeable, and so are more likely to catch the customer’s eye. One way to do this is to take advantage of seasonal displays depending on the time of year, or any holidays coming up such as Christmas and Halloween. Customers will know that these displays will only remain for the duration of the holiday period so will be more likely to make an impulse purchase that will boost your profit.

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