How to Gain and Maintain Financial Independence

How to Gain and Maintain Financial Independence

There’s lots of truth and knowledge bombs dished out in this Tai Lopez interview. Check this out and check out the takeaways I’ve listed below after the video.


Everyone’s looking for the quick fix. To win the lottery so you don’t have to put in the time required to get your great business plan off the paper and into reality. Put in the time now and keep reminding yourself that quick payoffs rarely happen.


We all know that bad times will come around. However, when the money starts rolling in, it’s easy to get high on your own success and think the money well will never run dry again. Put some money away for a rainy day. Also learn from Mark Cuban and don’t forget to get insurance!

Imaginative Vision

Don’t argue from analogy:

  • “I failed once so I’ll fail again.”
  • “Nobody from my family has ever been successful, neither will I.”
  • “There isn’t anyone doing what I’m doing that’s ever made it rich.”

Great advice from a great man…

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