Everything you Need for your Business IT (Infographic)

Everything you Need for your Business IT (Infographic)

As a business owner, it’s your ‘job’ to use the available business tech to boost your business growth and move ahead of the competition. There is one problem, though… choices are too abundant.

Indeed, the business software market has emerged and adapted to meet the changing workplace – a bit too well, in my opinion. While Microsoft office remains as the king of the workplace software market (whether you like it or not!) various new apps and software programs are emerging. Similarly more choice is available with regard operating systems, today many desktop operating systems are emerging, such as Chrome OS, Steam OS and Android.

As new innovations continue to emerge it can often be difficult to track the basic IT tools your business needs. While adopting ALL business trends is not possible, there are apps and software programs you should focus on, as a starter.

If you need a guide, we have one: You can discover the various operating system options, both desktop and networking, and learn about the various telephony options available to a modern business from this infographic published by Exigent Networks. The infographic covers everything business owners need to better understand their IT requirements.

Check it out:

Business IT basics - infographic by Exigent Networks

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