Top 10 Business Books of 2014

Top 10 Business Books of 2014

I found this interesting infographic the other day and figured it was worth a share. The graphic uses several authoritative resources to bring this top 10 business book selection to you including suggestions compiled by: The Economist, Goodreads, The Financial Times, Business Insider, Amazon, The Washington Post, NPR, The Kirkus Review, The Guardian, and a few others.

Though the rankings can be considered arguable, these are definitely some of the best books to hit the literal and figurative shelves of brick-and-mortar and digital bookstores this year.


If these books are all news to your ears and you don’t quite know where to get started, I’d recommend Issacson’s book The Innovators to get started with. It’s an inspirational look at all the players involved in the shift from the industrial era to the information era — Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc., etc. Really interesting book.

The only other book that I’ve read from the list as of late is Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. This isn’t a book you can really sit back and relax with, as it really gets you thinking about business and entrepreneurship in a different way. You need to have both sides of your brain turns on since it’s written for both the problem solver and the philosopher at heart.

Anyhow, the powers that be in the business book world have spoken! Time to head over to Amazon or your favorite offline bookstore on Boxing Day and buy up a few, or all of these gems. 2015 isn’t but a week away now.







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