10 Home Based Business Ideas for the Modern Empowered Woman

10 Home Based Business Ideas for the Modern Empowered Woman

It’s time to take over the marketplace ladies!

If you’re contemplating what to add to your list of New Year’s resolutions, you better hurry. There’s less than 3 weeks left!

Building your own home based business puts you in the driver’s seat to financial independence and success.

Here’s 10 great modern ideas you can use to brainstorm the kind of business you’d like to start, based on your interests, skills, hobbies, and goals:

  1. Website Development — You don’t need web design skill to move into this business model. Creativity and innovation are what the market’s looking for. Start with a few friends or family members then scale up when you’re comfortable.
  2. Catering Business — Very popular business to start, for a very good reason. Businesses, weddings, and other special events all need a caterer who’s in-tune with their needs and desires. Give clients what they want and they’ll spread the good word about you.
  3. Writing — There’s no limit to the possibilities. Start out as an online content writer, or a sales copy specialist, a novelist. There’s money to be made in all areas and publishing has never been easier, from putting up your own WordPress blog, to self publishing fiction and non-fiction works on Amazon.
  4. Pets — Think everyone’s doing it and there’s no room for you? Wrong! Everyone has/wants a dog or cat, and they need someone to take care of their special needs, such as walking, grooming, training, and all round advising about the best way to make them happy and well-adjusted. Pet products are also a good avenue to move into if you have a innovative idea.
  5. Virtual Assistant — Corporations and independent entrepreneurs all want to cut costs. Having YOU or your TEAM at their beck and call for writing, design, data entry, phone queues, etc., is a great way to save them money and keep the money flowing, no matter what the economy’s doing!
  6. Daycare — Do your research, for the specific area you live in before jumping in full steam. Great way to start a home business, but you’ll need first aid training, background checks, licenses, etc.
  7. Handcrafted Items — Great idea for people who like to make crafts, clothing, toys, etc.
  8. Herb farming — Lots of people are looking to get away from preservative-laden foods and seasonings, and you’d be surprised how many folks out there are looking for a good source for fresh herbs to season their food.
  9. Elderly Care Business — Like daycare, there are specific regulations in many locales for this business model, depending on what sector of elderly care interest you. If you’re looking for minimal red tape, something as simple as a companionship business is easy for anyone to move into (ie., many elderly find themselves in a place where their friends have passed and their family’s busy, and want someone to spend time with them, perhaps help them clean their homes too.)
  10. Consulting — Do you have a skill or knowledge that can help businesses make more money? Starting a consulting business is as simple as approaching companies who can benefit from your input, marketing yourself, and getting them to sign on the dotted line to keep you on retainer for years to come!




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