Stop “Dabbling” in Your Dreams of Success or You’ll Never Reach the Top!

Stop “Dabbling” in Your Dreams of Success or You’ll Never Reach the Top!

I found this great little motivational discussion with Joe Rogan during one of his uber-popular JRE podcasts.

He talks about creating your own success story, rather than dabbling in the idea that success will come and find you one day:

I will say that I’m not terribly convinced of the importance of writing your goals down. Especially if you’re OCD and never forget anything. But that’s a discussion for another time.

I wanted to share this with you guys because Joe really hit the nail on the head with regard to labeling the complacent dreamers out there as “dabbling in their dreams.” I mean, if all you’re doing is sitting around dreaming, maybe taking a small action here or there (ie., buying a domain for your product, making a phone call to a supplier or distributor, completing a few minutes of research, etc.) then dabbling is indeed what you’re doing.

To add more fuel to that thought, he went on to talk about naysayers and complainers, and the impossible negative spiral they’re currently caught up in. I know people like this and let me tell you: I don’t have much hope for the worst of lot. They simply don’t have the mental fortitude to stop and smell the roses — without complaining about their offensive odor anyway.

If you’re on the fence, dabbling, a whiner or complainer — but you want something from this world — listen to Joe and go out and get something done today. Write it down, scream what you’re gonna do into your cellphone and make that the ringtone for everything.

Whatever, just stop dabbling.










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