10 Safe and Hilarious Pranks for the Office on Monday Morning

10 Safe and Hilarious Pranks for the Office on Monday Morning

These office pranks are really funny and most important: they won’t get you or any of your coworkers fired. Best, you do them to people at home too.

#1 is perfect for attention-seekers who jump every time their phone beeps out an update from one of their social accounts!

OMG! Can you imagine the fun you could have with the Alka Seltzer gag? If you work in a large office, there’s no telling how many victims will fall prey to this one!

Lol, messing with keyboard shortcuts on someone’s smartphone? Be careful with this one. If you get caught in the act it might not fly when someone sees you messing with their private phone.

The chocolate egg trick isn’t something you want to play unless you know the person really well. And make sure you don’t freeze the egg, or you might have some expensive dental bills in your future!

If you try one of these, please add Biz Epic on Twitter @epicbiznews and let our followers know which joke you used and how it turned out using the hashtag #mondaymorningofficepranks


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