How to Make $30,000 Every 6 Seconds

How to Make $30,000 Every 6 Seconds

Meet Ian Padgham. He had this wonderful job as a video producer for Twitter. For Ian, that’s just the beginning.

Today, he is making thousands of dollar every 6-second video he create – up to $30,000 per (source). Can you guess what he is working on? Yep, he is making great income creating Vines video.

Vines is a popular video platform for marketers. It features 6-second videos of the members and loop them endlessly every time someone watches them. And for some reasons, people seem addicted to the video loops. That includes me.

Here are some of his works…

This is his most popular Vine that catch people (and companies’) attention:

A great way to prepare a tent?

Stunning SF Vine:

So, how to make thousands for every Vine video? Be super creative. Showcase your 6-second wonder. Get noticed.

The market is wide open right now, and more brands will jump into the Vine-craze. Serve a growing market and it will offer you great opportunities.

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