Leader or Follower: Which do You Want to Be?

Leader or Follower: Which do You Want to Be?

To be, or not to be (a leader). That is the question.

Tony Robbins is an expert on the human condition. He’s spent the better part of his life figuring out what makes people successful and has his finger on what it takes to become a true leader and an influential figure in Connected Leadership.

The main takeaway from this video is that being a successful leader isn’t about “mechanics” or resources you have backing you that makes you great.

It’s about your emotional muscle.

Emotional fortitude allows you to maximize the resources you do have.

Equally important is having the realization of knowing that success leaves clues. And that studying those clues will give you further ideas on how to stretch your resources even further.

The Sam Walton story (Walmart) is an epic example of how a leader can be built from the ground up, virtually overnight, with the right mindset.

Pretty simple, right?

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