How to Generate Interest on your App: Content, Content, Content!

How to Generate Interest on your App: Content, Content, Content!

Turning your app idea into reality is one thing, but getting users who are interested in using it is another. You can build the greatest app in the world, but if it lacks exposure, users won’t use it.

So, here’s the big question that might be yours: What should I do prior launching the app to the mass so that when the time comes I already have a decent user base?

Here’s what you should do, courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk, the entrepreneur, investor, author and social media superstar:

Capisce? (anyway, what’s wrong with the clock, Gary?)

The all-important answer is: content, content and content – a.k.a. content marketing

To recap, here’s what Gary Vee suggests you to do before launching the app:

  1. Create a site and publish content about your niche and app on regular basis.
  2. Don’t stop there: Create a content portal. Create content on Medium, your own blog, RebelMouse, etc.
  3. Generate interest of like-minded people with your content, so you will have an audience even before your app is launched.
  4. When the time comes: Give your audience a shout!

Jabbing, then right-hooking. Got it.

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