Steve Jobs’ Epic Life Journey – in Infographic

Steve Jobs’ Epic Life Journey – in Infographic

With the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, I can’t help looking back at the figure who is not only creating products that change people’s life, but also built a cult around it (how about camping out of Apple stores for weeks for iPhone 6?)

I’ve found this awesome, clean-looking infographic created by Anna Vital of Funders and Founders, showing you the ups and downs in the life journey of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs life infographic
Via Funders and Founders

It’s not easy being Steve Jobs. All we see was a successful and wealthy Mr. Jobs at the top, transforming and disrupting consumer tech world. Many of us never really knew the struggles he had to experience during the course of his life, not only in professional life, but also in personal life.

Respect, Steve Jobs.

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