Tony Robbins: “Your Life Comes From Your Rituals”

Tony Robbins: “Your Life Comes From Your Rituals”

Tony Robbins always tells the truth, whether we want to hear it or not. This video is part of a long playlist on YT that’s full of great tips and motivational advice.

Positive, fulfilling, life-affirming rituals and habits are definitely the key to getting where we want to go in life.

So true is “seek and you shall find.” How many of you seek the negatives, make excuses why you just can’t seem to get there?

Take Tony’s advice and just make a single change he suggests. Find a way to be grateful despite your current circumstances.

I suggest finding a way to create a positive waking environment for yourself in the morning. The morning ritual prepares your mind for the day, and creates the framework by which you’ll tackle the rest of the day — either on a positive note (or as Tony says “Peak State”), or a negative one.

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