Sony Wants You to Go Swimming With The New Xperia Z3!

Sony Wants You to Go Swimming With The New Xperia Z3!

Okay, so they haven’t literally said “go swimming with the Z3”, but this commercial is a call-to-action to do just that if I’ve ever seen one:

I’m not gonna lie: I LOVE Sony products! I’ve probably owned every Walkman they’ve ever made since the early 80’s, including the “cassette” Sony Sport Walkman, which was the only waterproof portable cassette player that I believe was ever invented.

Anyhow, enough about archaic technology…

Now let’s talk about cell phones that cost over $500 (price not yet confirmed).

I’m literally going to buy the phone when it comes out. HTC, I love yee, but the lure to get a waterproof phone, with the Walkman and PlayStation apps integrated is just too great. Can you say 2.5GHz quad, 3GB ram, 20.7 mega-pixel camera and 128GB storage capability?



Will you be joining me in line when they’re released?

Perhaps you’re more interested in the Z3 tab?



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