How to Successfully Leverage Your Time by Outsourcing

How to Successfully Leverage Your Time by Outsourcing

This video shares an interesting take on how to progress from a worker or startup founder to a global business leader, by outsourcing tasks to the right people:

The levels we need to work through to gain more leverage:

  1. Worker/Startup
  2. Practitioner/Self-employed
  3. Independent Entrepreneur
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Freedom-preneur
  6. Global Business Leader

What do you think about Monty Hooke’s take on “The Line of Leverage” between #3 and #4?

I’m not sure all those individual levels exist, to be honest. However, what I found most interesting was the suggestion to define whether you’re a detail person (technician) or a star (people person). And how those two personalities can often clash, particularly with overseas outsourcing, where language barriers and cultural differences can make a difficult project even more so.

Share any tips you have for being an effective outsourcer.


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