Use These 6 Shortcuts of Persuasion to Close More Deals

Use These 6 Shortcuts of Persuasion to Close More Deals

6 shortcuts of persuasion to help get more yeses:

  1. Reciprocity — From a sales standpoint, the idea of doing something for one of your clients now in order to get a “yes” down the road is a definite winner. I found it neat hearing about how waiters who give out mints, fortune cookies, etc., get larger tips. I never looked at this practice as having any sort of psychological manipulation behind it! So, be the first to give and later ye shall receive.
  2. Scarcity — Most of us in sales and customer service already have a clear picture of scarcity and how it drives people’s desires and needs.
  3. Authority — We see this everywhere. You can’t close a sale without first building your authority in the eyes of the potential client. The idea to have someone prequalify you before you meet with the client, such as a secretary or appointment setter, is a great idea.
  4. Consistency — Ask for smaller sales, or even innocent verbal commitments during the meeting, then lead the client into the larger sales. I’ve worked with several successful salespeople and I’d liken the consistency tip to the concept of getting the customer answering “yes” to random questions throughout the conversation, before asking for that final yes when you want to close the sale.
  5. Liking — Build rapport first. People buy from people they like. Don’t extend rapport-building sessions if the customer makes it clear they want to get down to business!
  6. Consensus — Point out what other people think of your product or service. Consensus is why positive testimonials trigger more sales.



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