Lenovo C1 — Will It Usurp Google Glass?

Lenovo C1 — Will It Usurp Google Glass?

There isn’t a lot of details out there about the C1 as of yet, but this video at least shows how it’ll stack up visually to Google Glass.

I searched far and wide for pricing expectation on the C1 to no avail…

We have to assume it’ll be cheaper, as the only feature that appears to be innovative on the Lenovo device is the bone-conducting microphone mounted on the bridge of the glasses (see description).

Certainly the neck-mounted battery pack doesn’t promise more comfort to consumers who want to toss out a grand or two and buy a heads-up display for home or office use.

Google will have its hands full in the coming months, with pre-ordering now going on for the upcoming Meta Pro which promises 15x (40-degree) the field of view offered by Glass XE V2. 
As for the C1: we’ll have to wait and see how they measure up in the quality and price department…



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