Hatch More Great Ideas By Sitting On Them Longer

Hatch More Great Ideas By Sitting On Them Longer

The following is a really interesting whiteboard video about how good ideas are typically formed, backed up by Steven Johnson’s extensive research into this subject.

For those  of you who don’t know, he wrote a best seller called Where Good Ideas Come From (see Goodreads reviews):

I found this video to be greatly inspiring!

Johnson’s “slow hunch” findings as they pertain to his research on how great ideas are actually formed, and the combination of factors that lead into them, shows that maybe we don’t need to wait for a single moment for the “idea light bulb” to suddenly turn bright.

The idea that a good idea needs to evolve, after being dormant for a while is nothing new. Not to mention that even when you do come up with the foundation of a great idea, there’s no saying how long or how many people it will eventually take to put all the “hunches” together.

How do you get your best ideas? Do you let them percolate slowly or churn and burn until a winning idea emerges?




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