Only 9% of “Bully Bosses” Ever Get Their Comeuppance

Only 9% of “Bully Bosses” Ever Get Their Comeuppance

This video is a few years old, but according to the interviewee Gary Namie, Bully Boss Syndrome still hasn’t changed, despite public awareness of this epidemic:

1 in 6 people are affected by Bully Bosses!

Healthcare and schools have more employees being bullied than anywhere else? I hope this video inspires you if you fit into this category. Bullying is wrong in any workplace, but I don’t want the people tasked with saving my life in an emergency to have any reasons to do their job any less than perfect!

If you have a Bully Boss, Namie points out that once exposed, 70% of these “Tough Clowns” are removed from the company.

Here’s another vid from Dr. Namie discussing his 4 Bully Boss Types and how they operate:



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