Looking For the Next Big Thing? This Niche Will Surprise You!

Looking For the Next Big Thing? This Niche Will Surprise You!

Bio-hacking is a fast-expanding trend that’s not going away anytime soon. If you think it can’t be profitable; take a look at the success of guys like Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey. This industry’s exploding and fully primed for both entrepreneurs and science nerds alike:

One of the driving reasons behind my new found interest in this niche — or field (depending on your outlook), is due to the success of Dave Asprey’s “Bulletproof Executive” brand which includes the highly-popular, creamy and delicious Bulletproof Coffee recipe.

He developed this special recipe (which I personally love) through bio-hacking.

Most of the people who’ve traditionally worked in this area are mostly like the characters portrayed on the Big Bang Theory: super-smart, working for a University or non-profit, making a meager salary, and constantly begging for research money.

However, bio-hacking is a constantly-evolving term that relates not just to solving the mystery of the human genome or curing cancer, but anything that improves peoples lives by altering, improving, or fortifying biology in some way: see the Wiki.

Most importantly, bio-hacking is all about “solving a problem” which is what any profitable business venture is all about.

Here’s the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee if you find that your mind fogs up soon after you get to the office:



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