The Positive Thinking Mind: How Entrepreneurs can Embrace it?

The Positive Thinking Mind: How Entrepreneurs can Embrace it?

The bad things are out there in the world – negative thinking always on people’s mind; to a certain extent, negative thinking destroys their life.

According to Brendon Burchard, one of the top authors, public speakers and online trainers, people think negatively because it’s easy. Your mind is ‘programmed’ to give you the best defense mechanism possible for the situations you are facing.

Unfortunately, your brain automatically react to the negative thoughts, and impulses come from your past’s memory; your fear, your hardships, your bad experience and so on.

That’s why sometimes you can’t help but think negatively about something. Again, it’s a self-defense mechanism your body gives you, but, unfortunately, that’s not always helpful.

You see, you can’t give in and let your mind control you, as you can actually ‘reprogram’ your mind, in such a way that your impulse is now more positive and constructive.

So, how to reprogram your mind for positive thinking? Mr. Burchard coins this: RWID – relative weight of importance and duration.

What is it? RWID is about you ‘reprogramming’ your own mind by weighing the importance of what you are thinking and enforcing it with repetitive thinking about something. RWID can result in either negative or positive mind.

For example, repeatedly thinking about how unlucky you are failing in business and gone bankrupt, your mind will be automatically programmed to protect you by telling you that you ARE unlucky and you should not start another business, or else, you will go bankrupt.

On the other hand, for example, repeatedly thinking that you can be a successful entrepreneur, your mind will be automatically programmed that you SHALL be successful and will protect you by telling you that you can do it, and you need to think and do X, Y and Z to be successful.

Make sense?

Need more explanation, let Brendon explains here:

Here’s the best tip for me: If you take action on a consistent basis, it teaches your mind to do that.

So, guys, think positively and take action to enforce it!

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