A Day on Necker Island with Richard Branson

A Day on Necker Island with Richard Branson

Have you ever wondered what it’s like spending a day on Necker Island? Well, let’s follow Richard Branson around for a day on his beloved island.

If you have no idea why we should pay attention to Necker Island, let’s just say that it’s a privately owned island. Yep – it’s an island in the British Virgin Islands owned by yours truly, Sir Richard Branson.

The island is a part of Virgin’s luxury properties and it operates like a resort with up to 28 guests. You can have conferences and weddings in the island, too!

Well, working with/for Sir Richard Branson sounds and looks like a great time!

A lesson worth noted from Sir Richard is that he emphasizes work-life balance. Moreover, he approaches work as something that shouldn’t be done behind a desk and in a business suit and tie. We are most creative when work is done as part of our lifestyle.

That’s why I work at home – by choice – and virtually location independent 🙂

Living, working and owning an island? Shall I put it in my bucket list?

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