Quick Advice for Being an Indespensible Intern

Quick Advice for Being an Indespensible Intern

Those of you who don’t know of media manipulator extraordinaire Ryan Holiday can check out his wikipedia page right here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Holiday.

Ryan has it going on, being the current Marketing Director for American Apparel and a media consultant to a number of renowned authors from 48 Laws of Power proponent Robert Greene, to the studly Tucker Max, and the world’s most interesting man Timothy Ferriss.

He’s a genius at using linkbait type media campaigns to generate money for himself and the aforementioned consulting clients he helps on a regular basis.

This video details a few nuggets of  advice for people interested in earning their stripes via interning. Holiday himself interned early on and also has several people he mentors currently.

What do you think the secret to being a good intern is?


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