We All Need to Learn to Avoid the #1 Most Costly Mistake Made in Business and in Life

We All Need to Learn to Avoid the #1 Most Costly Mistake Made in Business and in Life

So what’s the most costly mistake made by business owners and their employees?


Motivational speaker and marketing genius, Brendan Burchard, talks about the #1 most fundamental and expensive mistake many of us can make in the following video:



Distraction costs more than just an hour here or there!


Distraction destroys focus. The ability to focus is the foundation of business and career success: ie., the ability to generate ideas, implement strategy, communicate clearly, delegate authority effectively, manage your time, persevere in spite of hardship, and so many other key traits that are found in the top 10 lists of any successful entrepreneur.

2 things to consider after watching the video:

  1. A regular person loses 13 years of their life to common distractions like television, social media, Internet browsing, or misguided learning during their lifetime.
  2. An average “employee” will make a MILLION dollars less over their career because of distraction — which could equate to two-million if that same amount had been invested throughout their lifetime.

Now put the true cost of distraction into perspective:

  • How much do you think a business owner is leaving on the table when they let common (or less-common) distractions get in the way of their focus?
  • How much profit aren’t you making because your employees are spending too much time in the “distraction zone”?

Share your thoughts!


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