Want Minority Report-style Workspace? Yes – Now you Can.

Want Minority Report-style Workspace? Yes – Now you Can.

Have you watched Minority Report before? As geek myself, I’m always dream of a workspace where I can do my work in Minority Report-style. Swiping screens and apps. Grab a report wherever I want. Do things on the fly. So cutting edge. So. Cool.

I thought it was a far-fetched dream. I just realized that it has been made possible TODAY.

Dizmo turns the dream into reality. You can work on anything on ANY surface; you are no longer in need of a screen to display things. Working on your laptop or smartphone has been made uncool by Dizmo.

Funded on Kickstarter this March ($43,000 is enough to start things out,) Dizmo’s cutting edge interface will be made available by June 2014.

Super awesome! Perhaps it’s not as cool as what you see in Minority Report, but it’s a start. A good start.


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