Why You MUST Know About Responsive Web Design

Why You MUST Know About Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is actually a simple concept: It’s website design that will look and function good viewed in any computing/mobile devices. The idea behind RWD is to give the best user experience to your business website visitor, instead of awkwardly cut-off web pages with scrollbars everywhere.

Why user experience is important? It’s pretty simple: If your website visitors see bad design when going to your website, you can’t expect them to learn more about your business, let alone buying from you. Think about it like when you are strolling on the high street and look at a not-good-to-look-at storefront – will you come in to browse the products?

Here’s a good overview or RWD:

“Okay, I get it – but is making your business website responsive a good investment?” you asked. Well, here are some eye-poppin’ stats that will give you reasons to adopt RWD.

Absolutely no reason NOT to adopt RWD.

The next question is: Why RWD; why not a mobile app? The answer is: It depends on what your business needs. Do you need the feature an app can offer your business (e.g. more interactivity) or do you offer different content from what you are offering on your business website for mobile audience? If so, then mobile app is for you. Otherwise, IMHO, just stick to RWD.

What do you think? Will you go RWD or mobile app? Either way, there is one must-do: Optimize your business website for mobile – or else, your visitors will go to your competitors’ websites. It sucks when that happens, seriously.

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