Help! I Don’t Have Any Money. What Should I Do?

Help! I Don’t Have Any Money. What Should I Do?

“I don’t have any money. What should I do?” “My business is dying. What should I do?”

Brendon Burchard shares his story growing up in a small mining town, in an economy depressed era. Life was tough for him. When he was a kid, his family was financially challenged. But his parents are creative, making tough situation feels and looks fun for the kids.

Brendon said that he grew up with total abundance. But as everyone else in life, he has to go through to series of challenges, including a bankruptcy. But he keeps going to get where he is right now.

So, how did he and his family do it?

The message is this: Although you don’t have any money, you will find ways to work things out… work hard, be passionate of what you do, and add so much value in what you do.

A powerful message.

So, how to make more money meaningfully? “Sell” yourself. “Sell” your character and offer something valuable to the world. Make a difference. Add so much value that you cannot help but get it paid forward.

Well said.

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