Want The Ultimate Business Team? Live and Work with Your New Hires!

Want The Ultimate Business Team? Live and Work with Your New Hires!

WhistlePig Whiskey is a newcomer in the industry with a unique training program: All employees must spend at least 1 months up to 11 months on the farm, spending time with other employees – and the owners.

They have breakfast together, feeding the animals and maintaining the farmhouses. The “real” office work starts in the afternoon. In the evening, it’s dinner time – and whiskey time.

Run by a husband-and-wife team, Raj Peter Bhakta (Founder) and Danhee Kim (Director of Marketing), the whole idea of the special training program is for new hires to get used to the operations, from bottling to the less-extravagant fixing broken things in the farmhouse. The secondary goal also makes sense: More face time with everyone, which is great for teamwork.

The goal to achieve: To be the first farm-to-bottle rye whiskey brand, all made in the USA.

Watch this and get inspired.

Wow – fun work environment!

Lessons learned: Team chemistry is critical in your business success. Companies like WhistlePig Whiskey are taking things a step further in ensuring they have the best chemistry as possible: Live and work together.

What do you think? Is it a good idea?

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