Hilarious Starbucks Prank

Hilarious Starbucks Prank

Happenings like these can drive people crazy: Getting your name in the list and waiting in line for a morning coffee.

You don’t want to argue with people who need a cup of Starbucks coffee. So, a prank to see how people react will be epic. Jena Kingsley decided to launch yet another creative prank – this time on Starbucks customers. She’s got talent!

Here’s what she did: She told Starbucks visitors to get their name on the list to buy Starbucks coffee. With some ridiculous and hilarious reasoning, she managed to drive traffic “away” from Starbucks to a nearby coffee shop – “thanks” to the “are you on the list” campaign.

“Howard Schultz said it was okay…”

Confronted by a Starbucks barista, Jena Kingsley argued that the Starbucks CEO would love her idea of putting people on the list for entering Starbucks. Of course, she knew this is when she should stop pranking people (and Starbucks!) and end her act in tears 🙂

I’m not sure whether this prank is sponsored by Starbucks or not; it’s not like Starbucks needs it as their coffee and services already speak for themselves. But if they did, this video is actually a good way of promoting the brand.

What do you think? Is this kind of prank work for your brand?

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